A well-lighted home is a beautiful home. No matter how many pieces of furniture or accents you place on the mantle, if they’re in the dark, it’s as good as not having them. But more than stating the obvious, lighting makes a home look even more expensive, makes it a joy to live in, and makes the home literally come alive. Lighting is everything and doing it right will do the home so much good and its inhabitants even more joy.

Here are the best ways to execute it well:

1. Strategic use of candles.

One way to instantly provide any room the feeling of warmth is with candles. However, the secret to lighting up using candles is in a) choosing the right location and 2) using it sparingly. Scent also plays a role so make sure that you are putting together the right scented ones. Another thing to remember when it comes to candles is to also choose the number of pieces of candles to use at a time. You want the right amount to evoke a feeling but not so much that fire alarms will go off because of it. Read the label as well when buying candles – beeswax or organic is best, for your lungs and your walls.

2. Install a dimmer.

If you are in a pinch when it comes to lighting fixtures, the best way to maximize what you have is by having a dimmer. It instantly changes the mood from all lit up to warm glow in minutes without necessarily spending so much on additional fixtures which will cost you a pretty penny.

Focus also on the kind of bulbs and color effect that it gives off. A dimmer is simply to change the ambiance but the quality of the light is still dependent on the kind of bulb you will purchase.

3. Mind your ceiling.

When renovating with lighting in mind, it pays to also think of your ceiling from the get go. It plays a role in the kind of drama that you can build with your lighting fixtures. In fact, no matter how good your lighting design is or how expensive it is, it cannot fix a badly executed ceiling. Also, the ceiling dictates the kind of lighting you should invest in. If both are aligned, then everything takes care of itself.

For example, a dome-like ceiling can benefit from drop lights as it has the height while lower ceilings will look so much better with understated lighting. Aside from the ceiling, the walls also play a role. In general, having a fresh coat of white paint is best as it feeds off the kind of effect you want your lighting to achieve.

4. Create the overall feel

Still, the best way to light up a home is by being holistic about it. What are the combinations of lighting fixtures you will employ to achieve a certain effect? Doing so immediately gives you as the homemaker or the designer a quick and easy reference during a renovation.

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