Congratulations on finally making the decision to renovate and being able to accomplish it! Now the fun part begins: choosing the right colours for the home. Although interiors matter since you will be spending so much time inside the home, minding what the outside of your house looks likes also makes a big difference, especially for its value and overall aesthetics.

No idea where to begin? Here are some ways to nail that colour for your home’s exteriors:

1. Look around.

If you are in a gated community, chances are, there is a look that you need to follow. Look at how some of the houses around your own home looks like to see which shades you can work with. Don’t feel bad about fitting in – doing so makes your home blend in but still stand out should you decide to sell. If you are feeling more personality for your home, then make a statement using your garden. Add some big trees or flowering plants to add some more pizzazz to your exteriors.

2. How’s the weather?

The says it best when they advise that you try to picture out how the colour would actually look like during summer or during winter. How does it fare in the more gray landscape during cold climates or the harsh summer sun during hotter days? Remember, the colour pegs are not always reliable and sometimes here’s where you can also hit or miss when it comes to deciding on the right colour.

Aside from colour, the quality of the paint should also play a role in the way you will decide the exteriors of your home. There are certain paints that can withstand certain temperatures and knowing exactly the kind of weather you are dealing with can also help you on the kind of paint you should invest in.

3. The roof makes a big difference.

When deciding on the exteriors, it is quite easy to simple focus on the walls or the windows. However, a big element that will create the most impact is actually your roof. In itself, roofs are supposed to last you a lifetime but of course, the paint can only take so much from the different seasons that it would have to contend with.

The best way to do things is to really just opt for a solid colour, one that is in the core menu of paints of any leading brand. This way, repainting certain areas throughout the year is possible and major repainting jobs can be much more affordable in the long run.

4. Take into consideration the style of the home

Is your home Victorian? Is it on the more modern spectrum of design? These play a role in choosing the right play of shades for the exteriors of the house. For example, there can be darker and deeper shades for the fixed elements of the exteriors while the rest can be white for the more traditionally designed homes. But if it’s in the more creative side – then the louder, the better.

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