Renovating anytime soon? The first area you should focus on is the living room. From the get go, this is the first area that guests can see and even you as a homeowner enjoys once you enter the house. As a focal point in the home, it pays to spend more money on it and one of the ways to get more bang for your buck is by making it airy and light.

Here are ways to make the living room airy and light:

 1.     Pay attention to the floor and everything you place on it.

Off the bat, a white floor lights up a space instantly. Compared to darker floors, white floors reflect more light and sets the stage for all your interior design items from the ground up. It’s like placing a really good canvas from the very beginning, which serves as the foundation for your palette.

Aside from having a white floor, be mindful of what you place over it such as rugs. Solid coloured ones in other shades of white or pastel colours work beautifully. Steer clear of rugs with busy patterns or darker colours that will simply make your floor look cluttered and would offset all your efforts of making the space feel light in the first place.

 2.     Remove all the walls

 Open up the space by breaking down the walls that separate your living room from the rest of the home. One benefit of this open concept is literally making the air around the home circulate more effectively and efficiently. This will help you save up on electricity costs as you do not have to install air conditioning units all over the place – simply having vents already helps.

In terms of light, open concepts force you to also be more strategic when it comes to your lighting fixtures. Instead of simply focusing on your living room, once the walls are down, you will see which areas can benefit from the new fixtures and you can spend smartly as well on fixing the other areas of the house.


 3.     Go for bigger windows

After the walls, it’s time to focus on the windows. If you are lucky enough to have a living room that faces the backyard, why not take advantage of all that light? Instead of a concrete wall, have floor to ceiling windows that bring in the air once you open them up. But make sure not to bog them down with heavy drapes, which defeat the purpose of big windows. You can also make the windows UV-coated to make sure you get the light without the harmful rays especially once people stay in the living room.

 4.     Gut the ceiling

The last three are great as an initial effort to achieve an airy and light living room but if you have time to spare and can commit to a full-blown construction work, gut your ceiling. The effort will lead to not just a well-ventilated living room but more so, a home that looks and feels better and brand new.

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