When it comes to setting the mood, nothing beats the magic that lighting brings to any home. Lighting, especially if done the right way, provides the correct mood and instantly makes any space become even more dramatic. It also can make a simple space have more depth and more flair even without the use of so much accents that simply clutters (or in most cases, gathers dust).

If you are looking into improving the look of your home without spending as much but with better results, here are some lighting ideas to take note of and apply:

1.     Use chandeliers.

Chandeliers have such a reputation for being made or fitting only for palatial homes. However, any house can enjoy chandeliers for as long as it is designed properly, taking into consideration the height of the ceiling and the width of the whole space to make it spatially sound. There are several kinds of chandeliers beyond our idea of the ones found in castles or mansions. Chandeliers can also be horizontal in orientation and can take on several shapes such as circular bulbs beyond the usual drop-down crystals that are commonly known to most people. 

2.     Get table lamps and floor lamps.

If the renovation is not as commitment intensive and there are still some items to be moved around or rooms to be re-considered before doing anything long lasting, investing in well-made table lamps and floor lamps are your next best bet. Putting it strategically in key places can create the kind of lighting that highlights the best parts of the house. Small lamps in the same design can liven up a boring console table or a book shelf. Floor lamps can also work well with a well-designed chair. Creating spots in the house with these lighting items creates a great overall look without going overboard. 

3.     Have some candles.

Candles are always a cause for debate when it comes to lighting as it can really make or break a space – not to mention the pesky candle droppings that are a pain to remove. But with the latest in candle making, there are more options when it comes to candles that homeowners can make use of. In terms of material, beeswax candles are friendly to the environment as well as your walls as there are no black soot residue that most common candles emit. 

Candles also are very decorative in nature and can be used not just for the interiors but for accents as well when it comes to the dining table and make for really great accents for dinners. 

4.     Improve your vanity and bathrooms with drop lights.

Who says drop lights can only be placed in the living room? Drop lights can make for pretty lighting fixtures to make walk in closets, vanities, and bathrooms look cozier and feel warmer. The yellow light also makes for a great way to make dressing up an even more joyous than it already is by making every getup have a more photo finish look to it.