Japanese people are not ones to shy away from fun, effective solutions to common day problems. Nothing is too silly as long as it works. Worried about  wasting water? Why not make an upside down umbrella to catch rain water? If you find yourself sleeping while riding the train, they have a helmet that you  wear and attached to the chair to keep you from falling down when you snooze.

But  when it comes to home interiors, Japanese innovations are anything but silly. Here are some of the most amazing home solutions from Japan.

  1. Sink-toilet

You know the drill, after using the toilet, you clean yourself,  then you flush and wash your hands. This however is unacceptable to certain Japanese designers since  it wastes water.  So they made a sink –toilet by replacing the cover of the tank that holds the flush water with a mini sink and putting a faucet on it. With this, Japanse designers  help solve one of the most wasteful use of water—flushing.  So what you do is  to clean your hands on the sink-toilet and the water you used will go directly to the tank to be used as flushing water.  It is a simple but effective solution.

  1. Transformer Tatami mat

This tatami mat called land peel and designed by Shin Yamashita turns a tatami into a table and a chair for  when you raise up a part of the tatami. If you don’t know, tatami mats act as a carpet in many Japanese homes. That doesn’t mean that only Japanese people can benefit from it though because the design is so comfortable. Once you are done using the table or chair, you can fold  them back into the tatami.

  1. Furniture that can fold into the wall

We all know about the Murphy beds, those beds that can be folded into the wall. Well, Japanese designers took its cue and created a whole lot of furniture designs that can also be folded into the walls of homes–tables, chairs, cabinets and shelves are just a few. If you worry about small house space, these furnitures may solve your problem.

  1. Compact kitchen

A company in Japan called Sanwa unveiled their compact kitchen—small, but complete. Tiny and yet so versatile.  This kitchen is no bigger than a vending machine and can be transferred if needed. If a visitor comes and you have not cleaned this mini kitchen, you can simply close the door and your mischief is hidden.

Japan, being a small country has problems with space for houses. That is why many homes in Japan are small yet surprisingly  comfortable.  The good part is that you don’t need to be in Japan or  need to have a Japanese architect to incorporate their space-saving, energy saving ideas into your own home. Most renovation companies are capable of doing what Japanese architects do, all it needs is imagination.

If you want to include more Japanese elements or space-saving solutions into your Brisbane East home, contact 4sk Constructions and Renovations, a Brisbane East home renovation company.