Renovating an apartment is a tricky but necessary undertaking. Compared to single detached homes, apartments are connected directly to other units and can affect the lives of the owner of the apartment and more so, that of their neighbors.

City studio apartment

If you are thinking of improving your units today, here are some mistakes that usually happens when renovating an apartment and how best to prevent them from ever happening to you:

1.     Not knowing the rules when it comes to exteriors.

Whether you own the apartment or simply rent, ask for permission before touching the exteriors. Most places have a ruling that the units should look the same for aesthetic purposes. Clarify exactly what you can still change and what stays the same.

If it the design must be kept, ask if you can opt for a different color for the walls and the door. If not, then stick to a fresh coat of paint. Choose a quality brand that can withstand extreme temperatures.

Doing so saves you the energy, wasted budget, and prevents you from getting evicted.

2.     Ignoring the signs of pest infestation.

If you have been living in the apartment for too long, it’s easy to get used to the cracks and crevices. You may have had the occasional rat or roach as well. However, do not ignore the telltale signs of a deeper problem. Instead of painting over every crack because it can be more convenient, go to an expert who can do a once-over on the whole house to ensure that there are no colonies of any pests living under your floorings, ceilings, and walls.

Doing so before any major renovations and changes are made saves you the very expensive process of remodeling the house in the middle of a renovation because apparently you have termites and your new designs will fall apart.

3.     Not having a timeline.

Always work with a timeline. No matter your budget is, a timeline gives you an idea as to when you can expect to move in your things for starters. Placing items on a warehouse can cause you serious money. Instead of wasting resources on alternative living arrangements and whatnot, get a timeline and make sure all involved are committed to it. This also gives your neighbors an idea as to until when the accidental water stoppages or dusts clouds will be happening.

4.     Not boarding up.

Speaking of neighbors, do yourself a favor by boarding up your apartment by section or by whole as you go about the renovation. The last thing you want is your construction items blocking the whole side roads or your workers seen working from the outside.

Provide ample ventilation of course, but boarding up makes your renovation more professional aside from the fact that it may even be required by your local government before being provided a construction permit.

No matter what, be conscientious of your neighbors as you go about improving your own apartment unit.

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