Renovating the attic may seem unnecessary as usually, no one in the family really goes there, nor do homeowners really receive guests and request them to go up in the attic. However, studies have shown that the attic, aside from the kitchen, is one of the things that help increase the value of the home.

Aside from that, having all parts of the home looking fantastic is always a good thing, and if the homeowners decide to do a full blown home renovation, the attic is definitely not an area to ignore.

Here are some ways to improve and level up your attic:

1. Clean and open it up

For as long as the visible vertical beams do not support anything or does not really act as foundation, remove them, and the same goes for walls the cut up the whole space. What you want is an attic that boasts of an open layout to make it a free space for whatever it is that you want to place. Making an open layout set up also makes the space more airy and feels spacious. Another way to do this is by gutting the ceiling. To minimize the heat, adding in big industrial ceiling fans can do the trick.

Afterwards, add some windows. Instead of an all walls set up, adding some sliding windows can truly make it even more inviting, with natural light streaming in.

Of course do not forget to have a professional exterminator come in and clean it up nicely. All those years of neglect can make any attic go bad with lots of pests and a thick layer of dust. Make the renovation go smoothly by fixing these two first.

2. Turn it into another area of the house

Once you have made the necessary structural changes, time to turn the attic into more than just your stock room. There are many ways to maximize this space. You can turn it into a game room, with a small bar, a pool table, some game consoles, and a big comfortable couch. Have a teenage son or daughter who is clamoring for his or her own space? Convert the attic into their bedroom! If you love to read, take advantage of the newly found well lighted space by creating a library with all the books and magazines that the family owns, complete with good reading chairs and tables to make sure it can also serve as the family’s office and study area.

Renovations & Remodels

The one important thing to place as well is a fully functioning bathroom and toilet to make the stay even more comfortable up there.

3. Choose lighter colors and accents

Transform the attic further by opting for lighter colors such as white or dove grey on the walls. If you prefer darker or dramatic colors for the walls, then choose lighter ones for your accents such as the throw pillows and vases.

After doing these, it may take a lot to leave the attic!

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