The roof deck is one of the best places to further improve the look of the house both from the inside and the outside. As a place that’s seen from afar, it gives the home a better curbside look and exterior feel which will really come in handy if you decide to list the home for selling. For personal use, a well-designed and decorated roof deck provides a feeling of tranquility and relaxation right at the comfort of your own home. Imagine having an outdoor spa place – that’s what fixed roof deck can do for you.

Here are some ways to make it happen, for every level of budget and space:

1. Clean out the roof deck and invest in outdoor furniture.

As of now, chances are high that the current situation of your roof deck is in utter disarray due to clutter. Start off the renovation project by first cleaning out your roof deck and making sure it is free from debris. This will also turn it into a safe place to do construction work in the first place. A thorough hosing down using a high-powered hose together with a cleansing agent will do the trick to also remove dust, mildew, among other pests.

Once done, and if the budget is still limited, invest in outdoor furniture. It can be as simple as a set comprising of a good low table with a glass top and a place to put reading materials, comfortable seats with big UV protected umbrellas to protect guests during parties in the morning, especially at noon. The umbrellas can also serve as great colourful pieces. However, for a more classic feel and to make it more timeless, sticking to neutral tones such as taupe, brown, tan, charcoal black, and dove grey can help a lot in ensuring that the roof deck stays looking on point no matter the season.

2. Place a garden

Aside from the outdoor furniture, another way to improve the roof deck is by placing a garden in there. You can opt for a vertical garden to maintain the space, or to help in cooling the whole house, place a roof garden where you can also grow fresh produce and herbs. If you do not have ample space for a garden, the roof deck can serve as your little patch of nature in a dreary day – it also ensures you get fresh vegetables or fruits all year round right at the comfort of your own home, not to mention the level of oxygen it can provide your house.

3. Have a pool.

If there is that much space and you are up for a major change, why sacrifice space for a pool if you can place it on your roof deck instead? A pool is such a huge asset for entertaining guests and something that’s just really great to have at the end of the day for quick dip after a long day for any homeowner.

Roof decks are great for family parties, romantic dinners for couples, and for relaxation activities. Renovating your roof deck will not only help make your home feel more relaxing, but it will also increase your home’s value.

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