Renovating is the best way to improve the value of the home in terms of money and quality of life. It prevents problems from escalating further for one, which may lead to even more problems later on. Aside from this, renovating keeps the homeowner in tune with his or her creative preferences that he or she can immediately apply to where he or she lives.

However, there is more to renovating a home than meets the eye. To ensure a successful renovation here is a working checklist to work with prior to construction:

1. Have a construction schedule and budget and stick to these.

Start off with a meeting before committing to any project. A construction meeting works for both the homeowner and the contractors because it sets the objectives, timelines, and budget in a professional manner. It provides the owner a concrete idea as to how to go about with their financials from the payments to workers to their temporary living arrangements.

Having an initial meeting also sets the stage for all the necessary decision-making involved and ensures that there is no more back and forth during the duration of the construction, which causes unnecessary delays.

During this part of the process, all the plans and pegs should be approved and discussed already. If there is a need to sign off on permits concerning construction and city approvals, this is the time to talk about it and should there still be items that are not accomplished, then it should then be discussed and resolved immediately. The last thing a renovation needs is a stop work memo due to unresolved paperwork.

2. Beef up security.

With the home being exposed to workers day in and day out, provision for security should be a top most priority. Beyond just board ups, having the necessary steps to securing the home from burglary is important especially if the family still lives there. Digital locks and CCTV cameras are important in ensuring the safety of the home and its inhabitants on a daily basis to keep it away from intruders.

3. Pack up the essentials.

Once the renovation begins, the house becomes a war zone. Put your things inside boxes. This is also a great opportunity to declutter as you separate those you intend to keep and discard. If you’re having a hard time deciding whether you need to discard an item or not, Marie Kondo, bestselling author of the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up recommends asking yourself if that thing sparks joy.

Pack up essentials like your daily wear, basic necessities for everyday life, as well as valuables which should be stored in a vault. This way, there is less clutter and less chances of items getting lost.

The steps a homeowner will take together with his or her team will make or break the renovation process. But with due diligence and a lot of pre-construction preparation, everything will surely go as planned.

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