When it comes to renovating, nothing comes close to the kind of attention to detail that an empowered woman has over her dwellings. In general, she is more in tuned to what she likes and is not exactly a hard client to have, contrary to popular belief. The benefit of having one as a client is the level of specificity they can provide when it comes to directions and the kind of quality she is only willing to live with. More so, she knows that her taste does not come cheap and can truly appreciate the kind of output she wants so she is more than willing to spend to achieve it.

If you are a designer or contractor who seeks to target this segment in the market, here are some tips to take your business to the next level with a power woman client:

1. Lay down the timelines.

When it comes to this kind of client, timelines are everything. Chances are they are working with a very tight deadline and needs to finish the renovation of her house as soon as possible. So having a chart that specifically follows the developments of the project is key to success in winning a client like a power woman.

2. Create experience pods.

This type of client is all about focusing on several aspects of her life, but also being able to segment them from each other to achieve efficiency. Create a design proposal that reflects how each area of her house functions to help her be more efficient.

Create a cohesive design but make every part of the place answer to a specific agenda. For example, her living room can also include an office so that she can quickly be able to check her emails before she walks out the door. The library can serve as both her living room and a place where she can receive guests since she will probably need that much needed downtime whether by herself or with her friends and family.

3. Let her join the shopping trips.

Sourcing with this client is important to ensure that as the designer, you are getting the exact specifications of her preferences. This client is not about reaching a middle ground; it has to be the right kind of sofa, bed, console table, and everything else that they should be experiencing in their house.

Bringing them over during shopping trips cuts the guesswork and creates the kind of quick decision making that they are accustomed to in general. Even better, bring the suppliers over during the meeting. Let the client speak to them. More often than not, there may be a need to customise the pieces to fit their vision.

In general, the secret here is to really get their input from the onset of the project and during the whole process so the client can already provide feedback and ensure success for both parties.

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