The one key elements in making a beautiful home is the flooring. It can literally make or break the overall look of the place. It also provides the sweeping backdrop to the rest of the home without you realizing it. With the right floor, the home looks more put together and more cohesive in terms of interiors. It also provides the foundation with which the overall look of the place can be hinged on.

How does one get to choose the right floor? Here are some of the factors to consider to be able to come up with correct decision when it comes to flooring:

1.     The overall look you want to achieve

Are you more into the industrial look for your space? Then marble tiles probably would not work well for you. Opting for a concrete floor or unfinished polished cement will work better in helping you achieve that look. Likewise, if you want a more Zen-inspired home, then opting for burnished marble in stark white or deep blacks or charcoals can help you create that feeling of tranquility. Taking into consideration the overall look of the home can make or break your decision when it comes to your floor. Remember, you cannot move in the interiors if the floor itself is still not perfect.


2.     What is your lifestyle?

If you are into moving things around, then a perfect dark wooden floor will not only suffer from all that moving and dragging but will also bear the marks. So be honest with the kind of lifestyle you really have. Having children who will most often spill drinks or food on the floor should play a role in that decision.

Likewise, if you are really into having a home that’s low-maintenance, then having tiles should be your go-to decision. It is much easier to clean and to maintain and requires zero special treatment for you to ensure it looks in tiptop shape. If you are still undecided, laminates are not as expensive than other materials and are easier to remove for replacement once you can commit to a material that you can live with for years.

 3.     The amount of money you are willing to spend on your floor

No matter how much you love the kind of floor in hotels, you won’t be able to have it if the budget does not permit it. Budget is a big consideration, but it does not mean that you cannot have the floor of your dreams. This is where the advantage of having recycled materials instead comes in. There are shops that sell pre-loved wood that you can ask your contractor to use and fit out for your space.

If you are not much into several kinds of materials, opt for wall to wall carpeting. This easily makes a home look polished and ready for guests and homeowners alike.

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