Choosing to improve the house through regular renovation is the best way to maintain its market value. More than that, it makes for a house that is good for its owners and inhabitants.

One of the most major parts in this undertaking is always the budget. Without the right forecasting, the renovation project can be extremely problematic and can post some serious delays which leads to more money constraints. To prevent this, it is better to be upfront as to how much money you can really spend and set aside for the duration of the construction. And then, with your contractor, strategize which parts of the house need the most budget with regard to its look and needs.

Definitely, if there is a presence of pest problems such as moulds, termites, and rats, do not scrimp on re-doing the whole space. You are better off paying construction fees than hospital fees due to the problems these would effect and likewise, structural problems should be taken care of immediately to avoid accidents. Otherwise, a home that’s clean and healthy structurally will benefit greatly from being invested on in these areas:

  1. The exteriors

The exteriors include the driveway, the garage door, the pathway and the overall façade. Investing in state of the art garage doors and main entry ways ensures the overall safety of the whole house. Spending more on waterproof and sun resilient paint also works when painting the outside of the house (for those in high rises, additional window treatments from the inside keep the nasty UVA and UVB away). If you have a pool, renovating can help ease off on the water bills and make the pool more skin friendly by converting to saltwater.

In general, the outside of the house provides the first impression on it, whether for guests or potential buyers.

  1. The kitchen

One way to really increase the value of the house is via the kitchen. Furthermore, a stainless steel kitchen makes it a better and safer place in terms of food preparation and storage. Updating the hood, cooking range, ovens, and other appliances such as microwave and toasters also makes it safer from fires no thanks to defective wiring due to age.

Aside from the kitchenware, re-designing the whole kitchen to reflect a more modern design provides even more benefits such as correct waterproofing, proper pantry placement that prevents pests, and more energy efficiency.

  1. The garage and attic

These areas are underutilised most of the time since they serve as storage areas and locked most days of the year. Change this by turning these areas into your guest rooms or game rooms. In fact, breaking down the walls to make more windows can convert these areas into a great library or study room for the kids or serve as a home office. Despite being storage areas, turning them into productive spaces makes the home even more beautiful and expensive in the long run.


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