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Renovation Tips to Create a Modern Baby Room for Your Boy

By |September 28th, 2016|

When it comes to creating the perfect nursery, most parents or designers would have a field day designing and creating a pink wonderland for a girl. And with many options out there with more feminine designs, it can be quite daunting to create a baby room for your little bundle of boy. But that’s exactly […]

Design Tips to Make Your Home Look More Expensive on a Budget

By |September 20th, 2016|

Making a home more livable either by updating the design or doing a major overhaul is necessary for about once every three to five years. But if you can’t wait to do a quick update to make your home look more elegant without spending a lot, what can you do?

A little nip and tuck wouldn’t […]

Home Renovation Tips for Fashion and Make-Up Lovers

By |September 13th, 2016|

The home should be the best reflection of the passions and loves of its inhabitants. After all, the homeowner has spent a lot of resources in acquiring the property and will spend even more time and energy in maintaining and living in it. It goes without saying that he or she should be able to […]

3 Tips to Make Your Home Guest-Friendly

By |September 6th, 2016|

Friends coming to your home can be quite excruciating if you aren’t confident about the overall look of the house or its contents. Whether you fear being judged for your hosting skills or not, your home should forever be guest ready – whether for people you just met or people you need to impress.

 Here are […]