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Budget-Friendly Renovation Tips

By |February 23rd, 2015|

Home renovations can be expensive, really expensive. Renovating your home can add value while giving you an opportunity to change the look of your house. If you want to embark on your dream home renovation project, you can start setting up a budget and stick to it. The best way to save on any home […]

Colour Tips for Creating a Relaxing Bedroom

By |February 16th, 2015|

Colours play an important role in our lives and studies have shown that colours can also have an influence on our moods and behaviour. Every colour has a distinctive effect on every individual’s feelings and emotions. Colours can help you bring out your personality.

When it comes to painting your room, it is important to choose […]

A Guide to Kid’s Bedroom Renovation

By |February 9th, 2015|

The children’s room is probably going to be the most renovated area in any house because your children’s needs continue to change as they grow and mature. It is a good thing to choose the right layout, theme, and materials that are easy to upgrade or remodel as your children grows.

Design and Layout

This is the […]

Reinventing the Bath: New Home Via The Loo

By |February 2nd, 2015|

Reinventing the Bath: New Home Via The Loo

The bathroom is the window to a homeowner’s true style and passion for designing and in keeping a house. It’s easy to slap on a mirror, a shower, and a toilet on any space permissible but it takes a true stylish and meticulous homeowner to know that it’s […]